Call for Papers
China Rising: Soft Power Meets Hard Realities

China is fast becoming the power of the 21st century. The question then arises: how will China meet the challenges and responsibilities that befit such a position. For many centuries China has professed no interest in being a world power fearful of being branded an imperialist. The reality of becoming a world power has put China into the position of re-evaluation its past stance and policy.

It is with this in mind that the Association for Chinese Studies in Ireland (ACSI) is organizing its fourth conference, entitled ‘China Rising: Soft Power Meets Hard Realities’ The Conference will be held in University College Dublin, Belfield.


  • China as a global power
  • China’s importance in world history
  • Comparing the Chinese and Irish economic performances.
  • The growing importance of Chinese culture in the world
  • Cultural and economic ties between Ireland and China
  • The Chinese language as a world language
  • Visions of the Chinese World
  • Other general topics on Chinese Studies
Conference Information
Abstract Submission: 27/June
Notification of Acceptance: 1/July
Registration Deadline: 8/July
Conference: 15/July
UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland

To submit an abstract: Dr Henry Leperlier, Institute of Technology, Dublin 8,

For further information: Weiming Liu,